Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scrappy New Year Ya'll

We rang in 2009 quietly but happily with hugs all around. This WILL be a better year - I just know it! The holidays were fun and exciting but I will be glad to get back into my rut. (remind me of this in 2 months when I am complaining about the rut again).

This year I have many Scrappy goals!
1-Finish DS scout album
2-Finish DD ABC album
3- Add to my dreams album
4- Start an "All About Me" album
5- Make a calendar for my mom(and maybe one for me)
6- Handmade Holiday cards
7-Catch up kids albums (DS ages2-10 & DD ages 3-8) - yeah -I am a little behind!

I am keeping the list short because the projects are large. I plan to keep a running total of number opf pages and albums completed for the year so I can truely see how much I do.

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